General Business English

General Business English

The rapid breakdown of national barriers over the last decade has resulted in English language skills acquiring lots of importance in business circles. The vast majority of companies list English amongst the essential qualities required for posts at management level. A lack of English skills is a serious handicap to any young aspiring professional and not just young.

General Business English course is designed for those who are planning to use English for work. After completing this course, you will be able to talk about your company, business competitors, products of the company and other business-related topics.

Who Should take this Course?

This course is aimed at clients working in a wide range of business fields and who need to improve their English skills. Students will be able not only to discuss the events in the business world but also to learn skills such as negotiation, telephone conversations, presentations and business correspondence. The primary objective of this is to improve your understanding of English and to help you communicate more efficiently and with greater confidence whatever your business or profession - for example: 

  •  Young professionals 
  •  Postgraduates in business studies 
  •  Early-in service employees 
  •  Job Seekers 
  •  Job Changers 


General Business English Course includes:

  • Recruitment
  • Job hunting
  • Writing CV and Letter of Application
  • Job interviews
  • Business Etiquette
  • Types of Business Organizations
  • Company Structure
  • Telephoning
  • Giving a Successful Presentation


  • enhance your skills and confidence in general English communication
  • broaden your business related vocabulary
  • improve cross-cultural understanding in a business context
  • learn how to create and give a successful presentation
  • increase your professional skills