English for Career and Business

English for Career and Business

With English as the global language of choice for all aspects of business, many corporations expect their employees and business partners to use spoken and written English to communicate effectively either at work or whenever they about work. In our Business English classes, you will learn not only how to express yourself more fluently and confidently while communicating with clients, employees, colleagues, business partners. 

Nobody wants to be left out of an important meeting, passed over for a promotion, or stymied in negotiations because of poor English. To help you improve your business English, we've prepared a collection of references and study materials covering a variety of workplace situations.


English for Career and Business course includes:

  • Basic Business Content 
  • Business Writing Skill (writing reports, emails, and business documents)
  • Public Speaking & Presentation making
  • Conference & Meeting
  • Negotiating & Persuading
  • Management & Leadership
  • Other business-related topics ─ for business people to assist in enhancing not only your productive English skills but also their professional business skills.


  • Develop all four Business English skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking), as well as fluency, pronunciation, and Business English vocabulary.
  • Practice using English in different situations and at various levels of formality at work.
  • Maximize your ability to represent yourself or your company efficiently at international level
  • Create and give a successful presentation